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About us

Omnicar BG is a company with more than 15 years of experience and specialization in lubricants for the automotive industry. Our company offers expert recommendations and specific products of the highest quality. In 2000 Omnicar BG started its joint venture with Exxon Mobil and in 2010 became an authorized distributor for Bulgaria of Mobil™. Our longstanding successful partnership with a global brand like Mobil™ allows our customers to benefit from globally recognized solutions that meet their high lubrication and maintenance requirements. The company has a certificate of quality management ISO 9001: 2015. Omnicar BG maintains operational activity on the territory of the whole of Bulgaria and offers an independent system for waste oil recycling under the Law on Import of Lubricants of the Republic of Bulgaria.


We are a team that believes in the added value of the provided services to the customers and the community. It is not enough for us to be successful - we want to be a company that actively participates in both the business and the social life of Bulgaria.


Our employees are the most valuable asset of the company. That is why we strive to motivate and develop them constantly, to be the best ambassadors of the brand we represent. Omnicar BG strives not only to be a supplier of high quality products but to be a partner to its customers and to offer complete solutions for the business.


Following the example of our partner, ExxonMobil, the world's largest energy industry, we are committed to achieving sustainability and ethical attitude in the local industry by considering all actors in our processes - we value our team and our customers while monitoring the environment through our policy for the recycling of waste oils.

Omnicar BG is an authorized distributor of Mobil lubricants for Bulgaria. As a strategic partner of ExxonMobil, we guarantee you a full range of lubricants branded Mobil™ - a symbol of quality, experience and innovative technology. The brand has earned its place on a world level. In the field of lubricants, Mobil™ branded its reputation, technological strength and worldwide presence among customers and car makers for the extremely high quality of its lubricants. Omnicar BG values its clients and partners and believes that the quality and professional attitude towards each client is of great importance for successful cooperation. Our specialists are at your disposal so you can consult with them on technical issues concerning the wide range of Mobil™ products, monitoring their status during operation, warehouse solutions and training.

Our Team

The participation of Omnicar BG in the prestigious network of distributors of ExxonMobil products and the expertise and contacts developed througout our years of partnership provides us with access to annual professional training for our sales and management teams. As a result, our traders can assist you with expert solutions on security and storage issues, technical features, operating capabilities, and more.



ExxonMobil is the largest publicly traded energy company in the world and undoubtedly holds the status of a technology company implementing the latest scientific technical developments in the energy sector into its product portfolio. Annually the corporation celebrates and awards the top ten lubricant distributors worldwide for their excellent industry and markets practices.
Circle of Excellence is an award for excellence in practices within the ExxonMobil's distribution network. By joining this program affiliate companies have the opportunity to gain recognition globally. The program is designed to recognize and distinguish between good business practices and the highest achievements of distributors.
In 2017 Omnicar BG is honored for a second consecutive year to be awarded the ExxonMobil Circle of Excellence Award. The prize consists of industry-specific training for the winning company, facilitated networking access to award-winning partners, and participation in a platform for sharing business-essential best practices in the field. Previous awards:

2016 - Highly Commended Distributor


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